The innovations have brought deep changes to the former ways of professional approach, establishing new alternatives to the human work. Counting on a person’s or an entire team’s work for a certain task is no longer the same as we did just five years ago, due to the exponential growth in the pace of transformations in the ways of communication and personal interaction.


Other global factors have provided a high mobility of workforce around the world, besides the flexibility due to the continuous use of technological tools.


The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) agenda and its own initiatives, especially the one called “The Future of Work”, show the importance and the speed of these changes in the world of work.


In this scenario, new challenges present themselves to our clients in the relation to their employees, collaborators and other people, requiring a current and multidisciplinary approach to cases.


To meet this need, our consulting focus on the efficient solution of legal issues in the individual and collective work relations, contemplating contractual, social security, tax and, of course, labor aspects


Assuming that the work environment must provide to the human beings the ideal space for the realization of their individual dreams, helping on the collective building of a better world, putting ourselves at the disposal of our clients in order to assist in the conduct of labor relations cases with this comprehensive approach.


Always close to the clients, our team acts to understand all details of the cases and build, collectively, the best legal solutions.


  • Advice on advisory issues concerning the new ways of hiring, with the elaboration and review of work contracts, service contracts, services to third parties contracts, etc.;
  • Elaboration of waging, bonification and commission policies for selling teams and benefits in general, besides the creation of Stock Options plans;
  • Structuring of productivity participation policies in innovation for statups and innovative companies
  • Complete Legal support for the hiring and dismissing of executives, managers and technicians, as well as change of position, workplace in the country or abroad and advisory on the hiring of foreigners to work in Brazil;
  • Managing and mitigation of risks due to labor effects of corporate restructuring, as well as labor due diligence;
  • Advisory on collective work negotiations, with the objective of Profit and Participation Program, implementation of baked hours, specific rights regulation, accommodation of different benefit packages between teams, etc.
  • Representation in legal litigations in all instances of the Labor Courts, as well as in labor relations mediation and administrative procedures before the Labor Public Ministry.


  • We act in labor relations advising to meet strategic cases as well as daily needs in workforce management.
  • Responses to formulated queries are always objective with a focus on the essential, whether by the attached executive summary format with legal and jurisprudential reasoning or by direct electronic mail. The possible scenarios for each case are clearly presented, followed by the document elaborations suggestion, if applicable.
  • We build solutions on individuals and collective work relations with the support of our tax and contract areas, delivering a complete, deep and technically useful response.
  • On labor litigation aims to reduce the contingency in the case itself, but, essentially, on the identification and measuring, from the pre-existing demand, of work routines or managing practices that may potentially cause future passives.
  • We present personalized reports focused on the labor risks management and on the involved contingency value, indicating the prognostic for each discussed topic on the case.
  • We work with balanced fee proposals for litigation, with the charging of workhours and limited by the lawsuit’s phase, monthly charge by active cases or fixed value by relevant acts practiced on the case.