The technology sector represents the largest economic growth in recent years in the country, even during the recent period of crisis and economic recession.


In 2017, for example, there was steady growth throughout all quarters of the year, according to Advance Consulting, which reports a 9.1% growth in the third quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.


The survey also showed that IT companies have increased the supply of products and services in the market, while other industries have been wary of the economic crisis.


For 2019, new growth in the sector is projected to be around 4%, according to the Gartner institute.


The global market is estimated to spend approximately US$ 3.7 trillion on IT in 2018.


Software is the largest representative of these numbers, followed by IT services. The following technologies are growth trends: artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud solutions, in addition to the development and application of blockchain for various sectors.


Faced with such expansion, especially due to acquisitions in the domestic and international markets, companies in the sector are always facing challenges in order to achieve organic growth.


It is accompanied by a movement of big companies acquiring startups or even creating incubation programs to stay close to evolution in the sector.


Startups, in turn, have obtained financial resources from investment angels, investment funds, or even companies related to the product market they offer.


The technology ecosystem encompasses:

(a) large companies that see in the startup greater flexibility and speed to innovate, whether through incubation, direct investment or commercial partnerships;
(b) startups seeking resources to develop their products more quickly;
(c) companies in the technology sector itself, which develop software internally and acquire small companies or startups to increase their product portfolio;
(d) IT service providers;
(e) and financial, marketing and legal consultants, among others, who offer their services in exchange for future equity interest.


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