The education sector represents one of the largest sectors in Brazil that is undergoing major transformation because of the technology facilitating people’s lives, permitting increased communication, organization and information capacity.


Education sector players have an important role in guiding the user regarding the information available (content quality classification) and also enjoy broad digital access as a tool, either for teacher training or for teaching students.


Educational institutions are changing the way they work. In 2017, for example, there was a change in the physical structure of important schools in the city of São Paulo, with the aim of constructing laboratories and auditoriums where students use less theory and discuss in practice the digital transformation that will occur.


A transformation of this sector is projected for 2019. The advent of technology is opening up possibilities for rethinking the role of educational institutions. It is estimated that the education market will develop technical skills, considering new technologies, such as developing big data knowledge, blockchain, artificial intelligence, among others. This change shows that the idea is to invest in new courses, formats and platforms to be able to offer new training for professionals in the market in the face of this digital transformation.


Faced with such expansion, the professional should start to update and adapt to this new challenge facing the world of technology, being able to communicate well, engage, adapt easily to a problem-solving way of thinking.


In view of this situation, the education ecosystem encompasses:

(a) all small, medium and large companies that must adapt to the advances in technology;
(b) service providers; as well as marketing, legal, and other consultancies that need to develop their work more effectively with their clients.


The challenges and speed of the education sector, with emphasis on technological advances, require legal advice with extensive knowledge of the area, to ensure security and tranquility during all phases of the company.


We have a qualified and experienced team that is constantly updated about what is happening in the world of education and, consequently, the legal and technological advances on the subject.


In order to adapt to this new reality, at Zancaner, Salla and Faustino Law Firm we use the most modern software and technological tools to communicate well with our clients, as well as to gain quality and efficiency in the services performed.