Following years of recession, the forecast of economists and government for 2019 is that the Brazilian economy will grow considerably compared to 2018, which was marked by a slow and gradual recovery period.


Given this economic scenario, investment is expected to grow again, which will certainly lead to great demand in the contractual area.


In large companies, we have noted a major attempt to prepare standard drafts or even educate the internal team so that existing standard drafts are actually used by the commercial sales and procurement department.


There is also a tendency to systematize the agreements, either their drafting process (document assembly systems), their process of signatures (docusign, among others), or even the process of monitoring agreements already signed, with notifications on expiration of deadlines and readjustments of amounts, among others.


Such systems contribute significantly to internal organization and integration with other departments of the company (commercial, financial, inventory, etc.) and simplify the hiring process, reducing the costs of internal or outsourced legal services.


We are closely following the evolution of this software market for the contractual area, with the aim of helping our clients to implement the best structure. Our contribution concerns the legal content of documents, review of models, preparation of standards and information to the client about the systems we are familiar with and their advantages and disadvantages.


In this work, we act very closely with all strategic areas of the company, so that the standard agreements exactly reflect the operations of the company, the security it seeks and a contractual balance of obligations, reducing the possibility of questionings and conflicts.


Smaller companies, in turn, have a growing demand for the reviewing of agreements they receive from larger companies or in drafting standard agreements for their operations or even non-routine operations of the company, such as the contracting of loans and the granting of guarantees, among others.


We also assist individuals in reviewing a wide range of agreements, such as leasing, providing services, buying and selling real estate, among others.


Finally, we review agreements that are already signed, presenting legal opinion on a particular issue of conflict or even doubts about contracted obligations.


  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of agreements in general, such as purchase and sale of products, renting personal property, loan for use, provision of services, supply of products, loans, manufacturing to order, among others.
  • Drafting, revision and negotiation of agreements regarding the structuring of sales channels, clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of each structure, including distribution, commercial representation, franchising, resale, mandate, among others.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of agreements of purchase and sale of real estate, rental of real estate, build to suit, loan for use, exchange, among others.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of agreements for the purchase and sale of rural properties, rural lease agreements, rural partnership, assignment of surface interest, among others.
  • Drafting, revision and negotiation of agreements or public deeds related to guarantees provided in commercial transactions, such as fiduciary sale, mortgage, pledge, among others.
  • Agreements for licensing and assignment of copyright and intellectual property, including software.
  • Atypical agreements from the most varied fields of operation.
  • Legal opinions on the most diverse contractual issues, such as termination of commercial representation agreements, interest and taxes on loan agreements between companies of the same business group, among others.


  • We understand your business! We talk to the parties involved in the operation and we prepare or negotiate the agreements focusing on the aspects that are CORE for the client.
  • We systematize everything to make our processes more efficient and we apply the concepts of project management to advocacy with agile methodology.
  • We apply technology to everything we do to make our interactions more direct and practical. And we are up to date on the evolution of software applicable to agreements so as to be able to update clients on the news and help in implementation.
  • We always involve the firm’s tax department in analysis because we care about our client’s pocket.
  • We value simplifying the complex at all stages.
  • We do not shy away from giving a concrete opinion to the client about the security (or otherwise) of the business.
  • We go the extra mile with the client: we only deliver the finished work!