Agribusiness is an important industry in Brazil, being responsible for the integration of several sectors of the national economy directly linked to products and by-products arising from agricultural or livestock activity, impacting on the fashion, cosmetics and biotechnology industries and especially the product “in natura” which is served at the table of all Brazilians.


It is well known that farming is the flagship associated with the chain that includes agribusiness. In the recent past, Brazil has become a world superpower in agricultural production and this is reflected in all the country’s economic sectors, from export and its reflection in more than 20% of GDP, to the generation of more new jobs, besides a range of opportunities in the area.


Given such expansion, agents in this market are always facing risks and challenges that require a solid structure enabling advance to meet domestic and international demands – with the trend of making Brazil the largest food supplier in the world in the not too distant future.


Such challenges provide constant technological advances, in order to establish favorable business environments without missing out on sustainable management and driving business.


Ideally, those who operate in this market should have in-depth knowledge of the reality of agribusiness, focusing on the business itself, supported by professionals with different specializations, such as lawyers in the areas of corporate, tax, agreements, environmental technicians, among others, in order to comply with everything that the market regulates.


Our team has strong experience and training in the field of agricultural science. At Zancaner, Salla and Faustino Law Firm, there are even rural entrepreneurs and also professionals who have worked for years in companies in the industry, coming to know it deeply from both sides of the negotiating table and familiar with the entire production chain.


We are constantly updating ourselves on what is happening in the Agribusiness situation in Brazil so as to use the most appropriate Legal instruments for the preventive and intelligent use of Agrarian Law, assisting you in your rural business.