We focus on what is essential, on what matters the most.

Our focus is the CORE, the essence, the cause. No beating around the bush, we get straight to the point and help to speed up decision making.

We make the law simpler.

We translate legalese into a language you can understand. We make complex things simple.

We have a methodology.

We use the most up-to-date project management methodologies, such as SCRUM and Design Thinking.

We are also entrepreneurs. We know that nothing can replace good results.

Speed is important, but results are even more. Our commitment is to the result.


We focus on the essential, we have developed our own work methodology – Corelaw – which allows us to simplify the complex and deliver the desired result in less time. The corporate world has never demanded so much from its players as it does today. Directors, managers, controllers, entrepreneurs, all have very little time to waste.

Our lawyers have been handpicked in the market and understand what entrepreneurs go through because they have been in the business world.

We are also entrepreneurs, and we know exactly how it works. We do not settle for less, but we alert our clients to the risks involved.

There is no need to talk about “isolated” legal work. The client sees the problem as a whole, and so do we. We can even coordinate technical assistants (engineers, economists, advisors and others) or paralegals (dispatchers and others), to operate as effective managers of our clients’ projects.

We want to revolutionize the provision of legal services. If the issue is complex, the experience of our professionals and our methodology – Corelaw – make it simple and secure by the presentation of innovative solutions.

There are situations, however, that are simply hard work.  We are transparent and we make this distinction clear to our clients, openly sharing solutions that require only “labor” (not brain) for the client to decide whether to outsource it or not.

Our position is dynamic and adaptable to each project. “This has always been done like this”, is not something you will ever hear from us.